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About us

Roman Gotowalski is the owner and founder of the TMC company. Since 1993, he has been creating and co-creating the Polish transport market.




The year 1993 was very special for Roman Gotowalski. The word "FIRST" describes that time best. In march that year, he bought his first VOLVO truck. His first client, with whom he permanently cooperates, is TZMO company - owner of popular brands including SENI, Bella, and Happy. It was also the time when the very first drivers were hired and the first proceeds affected the company's account. Initial loads were carried out for clients in France. 

Since then, he is constantly expanding his fleet and carries out transport services across the EU and Russia. 




Nowadays, nearly 100 trucks drive under the flag of TMC on the roads of the EU and Russia.



The seat of the TMC company is located in WielkaNieszawka at 3 Przemysłowa Street.



A stable and strong transport market position is guaranteed by our extensive experience, professional team, and effective implementation of modern technology.

Nowadays, the name Gotowalski represents reliability and high quality in the transport industry.



87-165 Cierpice, Wielka Nieszawka, ul. Przemysłowa 3

+48 56 678 75 85

+48 56 678 75 86

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